Barielle: Elle’s Spell

Do you feel like you have a spell on you?

I’m back! With a really cool polish! And I must admit I did miss blogging while I was out of town. It’s something that I have noticed that I really do enjoy.

I find it sort of strange I didn’t read more about the coolness of this polish online from many of the blog that I frequent. Because, well, red jelly and flakes. That’s what this polish is. Two things that many polish freaks love and go nuts about. Jelly and flakes, guys!

Elle’s Spell was part of the Barielle Hustle Holiday ’10 collection for winter. I like the name of this collection. These were on sale recently right after Christmas at Ulta so I snagged a couple and have been really impressed with not only the colors but the wearability too. I wore Jess’s Champagne Toast while in Philadelphia for 7 entire days with minimal tipwear. Like, barely any. It was the longest wear I’ve ever had on a polish. A good way to start my polish year of 2011.

Elle's Spell. Click to enlarge the flakey goodness!

I didn’t have any problems with application with this polish. I did three coats, which is about right for a jelly. The first coat was pretty sheer, but by the time the second one was on, you could see the color and flakes building up really well. I partially picked this color to wear because I wanted to put on something a little darker, but that didn’t work out exactly. I would really love this polish if it was as dark as it is on the nail as it is in the bottle. That is my only complaint. It translates a little more pink / berry on.

Either way, I would label this as a must have! And I think Lauren will love this one a lot.

Where To Buy: / $8

Also, we are doing some editing and trying to make our blog better for everyone. So, if you would like to have us link your blog on our blogroll and do the same for us that would be awesome. Just leave us a comment about it! I’d like to promote everyone that loves to blog, not just bigger known blogs.

In other news, I got a Clarisonic for Christmas and it’s the best beauty thing that is going to happen to me in 2011. I am very obsessed with it and it may not be healthy. Did anyone else get any good beauty gifts?

Oh, and I can’t wait to buy all of the new spring Zoya polishes! Out of all of the spring collections I’ve been seeing, I am most excited for it. Gimme Gemma ASAP please!

Glad to be back,




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4 responses to “Barielle: Elle’s Spell

  1. Best pics of this polish I’ve seen so far! I’ll hit Barielle’s website right away I’m afraid… šŸ˜€
    Also, I’m curious how it compares to MAVALA Orion(or at least I think Orion’s the name) so that’s another reason to get it.
    I’d love to link to your blog if I may…and it’s OK if you don’t link to mine as it’s in Swedish…should I add English text as well?

    • Thank you! This polish is really nice and I have completely enjoyed wearing it.

      I would completely link your blog even though it’s in Swedish! I actually am Swedish myself, well I am not from Sweden but half of my family descends from there, so it would be cool for me. You can add English text, that would be great.

      – Liz

  2. Rachel

    I use Google Chrome as my web browser and when I go to your blog I’m able to translate the entire site from Swedish to English in just a click! Google Chrome is an excellent web browser.

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