Essie: Little Brown Dress


Little Brown Dress in its shinier state


Today I have Essie’s Little Brown Dress. This was part of the Fall ’10 collection. I had been wanting this chocolate brown polish since it came out, but it took me awhile to finally break down and buy it. I knew this shade would be flattering on me because it’s not too tan or taupe. It is very dark and almost black, it’s kind of like wearing black all of the time and sometimes you just need a change… it’s still dark, but a little bit calmer and still flattering and edgy.

I did two, somewhat thicker coats, which may be why it looks exceptionally dark on me. It went on fairly well although I could’ve put a little more effort into thinning out the coats. It is very, very shiney which is nice and is pretty much exactly what I want out of a brown polish. At times I wish it wasn’t so “almost black”, but I think I may be able to fix that by painting thin coats. I sat at work today deciding whether it looked more black or brown, I can see it either way and like it either way.

It’s wearing pretty well for me, so far no chips so that’s good. I’m liking wearing something dark that isn’t purple or black because I feel like that’s usually what I end up with. I definitely don’t have a polish like this already in my collection, so if you’ve been pining for a dark brown or just a different kind of dark nail polish this is probably the one for you.


Glad Monday is over,



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