Essie: Mint Candy Apple


Essie Mint Candy Apple


Happy weekend everyone! This is Essie’s Mint Candy Apple, part of the Winter 09 collection. Mint polish was pretty big fall/spring 09/10 and this shade was a huge part of it. Essie also did a similar color like this for the summer, Turquoise and Caicos, (I often get them confused for one another when grabbing green polishes). Of course, that is turquoise so it’s darker and not a light mint green like this. It’s a great Tiffany blue color if you’re looking for something that fits that description.

Back to Mint Candy Apple! Since this polish was so big, it was kind of hard to find back when Liz and I were looking for it. I ended up ordering it off of Amazon and when it finally came, I’ll have to admit we were disappointed, mostly with the formula. I remember it being very thick and goopy and not easy to apply at all.


In the shade


When I used this nail polish this past week, I still found it kind of difficult to apply. It was better than I remembered, not as thick or goopy, although I mixed it up quite a bit. It was still hard for me to get two even coats out of it. Another disappointing aspect was that I only got to wear this for a day, it chipped immediately and was so bad by the end of the first day I just had to take it off.

So I’ll admit, there seem to be a lot of negatives with Mint Candy Apple, but we can talk about the positive, which is the color. I don’t have any other mint green in my collection and when I’m looking at this when I’m thinking about what polish to use, I always feel it’s kind of bright and maybe too pastel for me. Then I end up using it and fall in love with the color everytime. It always looks so pretty and fun and always looks better on me than I expect it to. It is bright, it is rather pastel-ish, but the shade of green is just so different. It definitely jumps off of your nails and for a light green, the color is rather saturated. I think if you ever see this color out and about, especially in a clearance section since the collection is no longer current, you should pick it up if this is your kind of color because I’m sure the trials of the application will end up being worth it for you.


Only a few days until Christmas!



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