OPI: Fiercely Fiona

In Sun

As mentioned, I am wearing Fiercely Fiona for the weekend. I remember when I saw this polish when The Shrek Spring 2010 collection was first released and I had to have it. Yellow is not a favorite color of mine at any time. And I only own two yellow polishes. But this polish was a must have for me. It’s completely unique and is something fun and different. Especially right now right before the holidays.

Short & Yellow!

I used four coats for this manicure to get an even and smooth color finish. The formula and application was very manageable for me. So was the drying time, so that made those four coats way more bearable. This color is definitely more yellow than it is green by any means, but you can see the tinge and tint of the green in the polish that makes it interesting and special. Which is really what I like so much about it. It has more yellow in it than a typical chartreuse does.  I could see some people viewing this polish as a little young or not very wearable. But I think it’s sophisticated, strong, and edgy. It’s something fresh, especially for spring time.

– Liz


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