Chanel Le Vernis: Black Pearl

Hi all! Guest blogger Rachel here, offering a peek into the 2011 Spring Chanel makeup line!

There’s something always really special about Chanel Le Vernis polishes.  They’re mostly limited edition, (so that is always something to brag about having), they’re always beautiful and spending $23 on something that is Chanel is truly a steal.  Their handbags usually start out at $2,000 and small jewelry pieces at $250 and ballet flats anywhere from $300-$500…so being able to have a part of the Chanel luxury for the expensive price for polish but the affordable price for Chanel is so worth it.  Some people think spending that money on a polish is insanity…but I’m sure a lot of you are able to agree that it’s worth it.  It’s been like my gateway drug into becoming addicted to the brand.

Black Pearl bottle in the sun.

My newest addition to my collection is the Spring 2011 color “Black Pearl.”  I love, love, love this color!  It is literally the color of a pacific black pearl.  It’s trendy and not your typical “spring” color, but since it hit Chanel boutiques and makeup counters in January it will make an excellent “winter is coming to an end” color.  I mean, come on, who wouldn’t wear this year round?  I know I certainly will!

Bottle & Nails

In addition to being just like a black pearl, the color it reminds me of an angry ocean on a dark, stormy day.  The base of the polish is a grey-black with some dark blue and green metallic in it, which creates a gorgeous shimmer. The polish went on nice and I was able to get the color I wanted with a typical 2 coats.  I think the color is pretty versatile being able to match up fine both preppy and rocker-chic looks…which is my favorite when I can look like a country clubber by day and a bar crawler by night – and do it with nail polish style of course!


Side view & close up of the polish.

There are two more polishes to complete this collection – “Peche Nacree,” a peach color and “Pearl Drop,” (the opposite to the black pearl) a white with gold reflections.  Both colors are shear and shimmery.  It’s suggested to pair Black Pearl and Pearl Drop together, black on the hands and white on the toes.  I’ve never done a light color like that on my toes before, but maybe this will be the color for me to try.  And Peche Nacree is just too pretty and feminine to not love.

Do you think Black Pearl will create frenzy like Jade did?  I think it is definitely the newest “must have” color. Hopefully I will have the other two polishes to swatch for you all very soon.  Stayed tuned for that and some picks from the Chanel Spring 2011 makeup line too! I’ll sign out like Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous since that’s what this polish makes me feel like.

Champagne wishes and caviar dreams,

– Rachel


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