OPI: What’s With The Cattitude?

This polish name rules

I’ve had too many pigmented, sparkly, holiday colors in my life recently. I needed something light, fresh, and slick. I have been meaning to revisit these Shrek OPI’s, specifically this one and Fiercely Fiona (which I plan on wearing later this week.) The first time I used this polish I didn’t use enough coats. It was streaky and not fully covered and even. I didn’t like it. But I am glad I revisited this lovely polish.

In partly sunny FREEZING light

If you enlarge this photo, the application looks more patchy and streaky that it actually does. Or is actually noticeable. This polish looks really good to me in real life? Slight bald spots but with jellies that happens to me. I guess I should have used four coats. But still, I really like it. I used three coats. Thicker ones each time for the nice jelly finish we all desire.  The color is pretty much a fresh, light, glossy, baby blue. I don’t own any other color like this. I’m really enjoying it as an alternative to everything I have been wearing recently. It’s literally ice cold outside (a high of 18 degrees today) so I guess an ice blue was what I needed in my life.

– Liz


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