Hope everyone is having a good weekend! Today I wanted to share some primers I got last month and have been using ever since. One is a face primer and the other is an eye primer, both are all natural.


Korres Antiageing Primer

Enlarge for details!


I spent quite awhile looking for a face primer. You honestly never realize what a difference it makes until you try it. When I tried Korres Antiageing Primer on my hand and felt the comparison, I knew this was the primer for me.

It took me a bit to save up for the $33 price tag, but I don’t use a lot of it and have been loving it so much. I have sensitive skin and this makes it so even and soft without irritating my skin. It’s so easy to irritate your skin the more products you use so the more natural products you use, the better, in my opinion. It smooths into my skin very easily and I put on a tinted moisturizer over it and really never feel like I have anything on my face at all.

This does have a scent to it, kind of a lemony smell which I think is the result of one of the ingredients. There is a non-antiageing option, but I figure why not go with the antiageing. If you are looking for a primer or maybe have never even tried one, I definitely recommend checking this out. This was my first experience with Korres products, but I also recently got a gift set of their eyeliners and am also loving those.


Tarte Lifted Natural Eye Primer


My mom was the first one to tell me about this product, Tarte Lifted Natural Eye Primer. I had been looking for a good eye make up primer even longer than I had been looking for a face primer! I had tried Benefit’s eye primer, but it just wasn’t right for me and felt a little sticky. I had basically just been using concealer, which was ineffective, but anything is better than that creased look of your make up at the end of the day.

My mom had really liked this so when I was last make up shopping I just picked it up. Tarte is another all natural brand and this is only $20. It’s very light and I just dab a couple times on  my eyelids and dot it in before putting on my eye shadow. As you can see from the photo, it’s kind of a nude color and honestly, I’m not sure how this works with other skin tones, it may just blend in without much discoloration to your eyelids, but it may not. I can’t recall if there were multiple skin tone options so you may have to look for that if you go to see this product in person. This also has antiageing qualities to it, which I enjoy (take it where you can get it, ladies!) I haven’t noticed a scent to this at all and it isn’t sticky. I don’t wear eyeshadow everyday so I think this will end up lasting a long time.

Hope I covered all my bases telling you all about my new primers! If I forgot anything or you have a question feel free to comment and ask. I recommend checking both products and even both of these all natural brands out next time you are make up shopping!



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