Christmas Manicure II: What’s Your Point-settia & It Looks Like Rain, Dear

What's Your Point-settia & It Looks Like Rain, Dear

These Sephora by OPI polishes have been pretty popular this holiday season. At least from what I can tell with our own personal blog views and searches. I have been thinking about how my swatches for What’s Your Point-settia? aren’t the best and aren’t good enough for our readers, so I decided to slap it on again. I also wanted to give this polish another chance because I didn’t seem to like it too much the first time.

I also haven’t used It Looks Like Rain, Dear at all but did not want to do full glitter on all my nails. So this combination seemed like a perfect solution, and a great holiday combo for all of you to try! (If you like it.)

WYP is hard to capture. Click to enlarge for a better view.

What’s Your Point-settia changes with every coat. It’s still sort of hard for me to figure out. During the first coat, it’s like this bright pink / berry color that looks very summery and fuchsia. Not very saturated at all. Even by the second coat it’s not as dark as the pretty color in the bottle. I did three coats to try to get to that dark cranberry holidayish color that’s in the bottle.

The finish and texture of this polish is very smooth and glassy. It turned out pretty well this time around. There’s lots of gold and I think red microshimmer in there that doesn’t jump out at you on the nail, but you can see it twinkle in the light. It is a very pretty finish.

It Looks Like Rain, Dear

I like the name of this polish. I love deer and the word dear. This polish….I think might look weird against my skin tone? It’s very blingy and bright with its gold glitter and base color and holographic hexagon glitter. I think it goes REALLY well with WYP or any other kind of dark cranberry or berry colored polish. They compliment each other very well. The gold and glitter in each other just screams Christmas.

As you all have heard, ILLRD is very textured and not smooth. I threw away my SV top coat (because it was all goopy and thick towards the end) but I’m sure that (or one similar) would smooth it out better. I used two coats of polish. It was also a little goopy and thick but not difficult to control or apply for me. However, I’m not sure how much I would like this polish on its own. I think it would look best as an accent nail. Like this manicure or many of the China Glaze holiday polishes that came out. Like, Little Drummer Boy and Jolly Holly.

It’s suppose to blizzard here tonight and tomorrow. With wind chill in the negatives! At least I can stay inside and admire this polish combo while decorating the Christmas tree and watching hockey.

– Liz



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4 responses to “Christmas Manicure II: What’s Your Point-settia & It Looks Like Rain, Dear

  1. SisterLes

    I did a Chritmas manicure this week that I dubbed “I’m on the naughty list.” It’s China Glaze’s Lubu-Pumps on all nails with Party Hearty on my rings fingers as accents. I was excited to show you but then this lame blizzard got in the way. Zoinks!

  2. OMG I think I need both of those :O
    I love red glitters so much it’s ridiculous and gold…can you ever get enough gold polish?

    • Haha, if you love red glitters and gold then you need both of these. I’ve really been liking these two together. However, my first bottle of What’s Your Point-settia I bought was cracked when I opened it and it was a disaster. Hopefully you have better luck!
      – Liz

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