OPI: Smitten With Mittens

Smitten With Mittens

Smitten With Mittens! Such a cute name, no? This became a favorite holiday red for me. I got this on sale over the summer, it was part of OPI’s Holiday 2009 collection. I thought it would go really nicely with my Santa costume for my burlesque show this past weekend and it definitely did.

This is a basic red chock full of red and gold glitter. You can definitely see the gold glitter in the bottle, but I didn’t notice the red until I had it on. When you look at it on the nail there is a lot of depth to the polish because the glitter is within the polish and not just on top, I really liked that.

This applied nicely, maybe a tad bit more liquidy than I’d like. It was very opaque in the first coat so I only needed 2.

I really liked wearing it, the red and gold glitter make a normal red much more exciting and I’ll have to wear this again before the season’s out!

Can’t believe there’s only 3 more weeks until Christmas,



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