Holiday Manicure with China Glaze and Milani

Look at how festive in the snow!

I have been feeling really Holidayish lately. I have decorated the whole house inside and out for Christmas. And it snowed here all day yesterday and I liked it. Which is slightly insane because I pretty much hate snow and winter normally. But I guess I’m sort of turning over a new leaf. We’ll see.

Tease-y Does It was looking awful by yesterday, so I had to change my polish. I have been feeling very festive and have been meaning to wear China Glaze Jolly Holly because it looks awesome. But I guess I didn’t want to wear it and then get sick of it and not want to wear it closer to the holidays. I put on Jolly Holly and loved it, but apparently since I have been feeling so good and festive I needed something else. My sister recently picked me up some of these new Milanis while at CVS. I have never used Milani but slapped on Gems as accent nails on my ring finger and thumb and it’s awesome.

Cloudy Skies

Isn’t this fun? It’s actually a little flashy for me to be honest. With this hexagon and multicolored chunky glitter in Gems. And a little early because it is very Christmasy to me. When I first put this on I thought, “This might be a little much, Liz.” But I have completely been loving it. Gems has red, gold, light blue, silver, and green glitter. It’s a clear base and there’s also small glitter pieces in this polish. I used two coats on each other accent nail. I kind of wish I did a more gradual effect with less on the bottom of the nail and more at the top. But next time I’ll keep that in mind.


Jolly Holly’s application was pretty good. I have been pretty bad at a neat polish application lately and I’m not sure why. Before clean up, my nails are looking rough! JH’s formula was great. It was slightly on the thinner side, but applied so pigmented and saturated. This polish could probably be a one coater. It’s so deep and shimmery. The finish is metallic but very shiny and glossy. It has gold microshimmer in it that you can see more in the bottle than on the nail. But it’s a very pretty color.

The greens in this CG Holiday collection were amazing. I still want Snowy so bad! I need to get my paws on it.

Ready for the Blackhawks game to start,


EDIT 12/7/10: That Milani Gems was AWFUL to remove. It stuck to the felt I use to remove horribly and I literally had to scrub it off. However, I was not using pure acetone, just regular remover.


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