OPI: Tease-y Does It

In Shade

Morning! I feel professional and festive sitting at my newly Christmas-ified dining room table drinking my coffee and blogging for you all.

I decided to post this polish today for the fact that Lauren HAS a big Burlesque show this weekend! So this post is themed in her honor and hopefully she has a fun Christmas show tonight and tomorrow!

Tease-y Does It is the only polish from the new Burlesque collection that I was interested in. The glitters look fun, but we all know I am not a huge glitter person, and the other colors are mostly red and orange and those color aren’t for me. And to be honest, I haven’t really heard much buzz about how awesome this collection is. I feel as though the glitters are the stars of this collection and that the other colors weren’t as thought about or cared about. I sort of think they should have just done the glitters for this collection.

Anyway, TDI was the most interesting polish to me. And I actually think that’s because it reminds me of a polish that Zoya would make. It’s an interesting, vampy color that morphs between burgundy and plum and the red and gold glitter only makes it more confusing / interesting.

In Shade

Let me say how awful this color looked after one coat. It BARELY applied. It was streaky and horribly pigmented. It looked awful. Perhaps I should have done a much thicker first coat. Overall, I think the formula could have been better. By the second coat I still wasn’t pleased and was thinking about how I did not like this color. So, I applied a third coat and things got better. The drying time wasn’t bad, although I think CND Speedey helps with that.

In Shade

I feel like this polish leans more brown on me than I would like. I mean, if I sit and stare at it I can see the plum, but at first glance it reads as a brown with red glitter.


The glitter in this polish really lightens it up, it looks wonderful in the sunlight. (If you click on the photos you can see the glitter better.) I like the fact that this polish is more interesting than meets the eye initially. So mysteriousss.

For me, it was the only polish in this collection I found interest in. Though I’m sure you glitter lovers out there are loving the glitters, they do look fun. Is anyone loving this collection? Is there another star of this show (pun intended) that I missed?

I recently got some products from Lush I think I’m going to blog about. They are making my skin feel wonderful even in this cold Chicago weather that has finally arrived. So I figured some of you might be needing some suggestions for fighting the winter dryness as well.

Happy Weekend,




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2 responses to “OPI: Tease-y Does It

  1. This was the only polish for me, too, from this collection. The color combos of the glitters just made me feel nauseous. :S

    • Right?? They are super intense and not really my thing. And all the other polishes were reds and I just felt like this was the only different one.
      The wear on this one was kind of bad for me though!
      – Liz

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