OPI: Meet Me On The Star Ferry

I hope everyone is having a fun holiday weekend involving lots of eating and maybe a little shopping! Lauren is back home in Chicago with me for the holiday and we know we have been slacking on posting! But I am back today to show you a matching polish we painted the other night from the Hong Kong Collection that I hadn’t heard much about, actually.

In Sun

Meet Me On The Star Ferry is a purple metallic base color with a hint of brown and sort of shy micro multicolored glitter. I like that the basecolor is sort of this interesting mix of purple, pink, and brown that you can’t really tell which color is more predominant indoors. It’s a very pretty winter color to me. It looks like a sophisticated New Years Eve color to me. Or a pretty ornament. The metallic finish with the somewhat hidden multicolor only comes out in the light. Subtle, but still interesting.

In Shade

In the shade it just looks like a cool purple / brown metallic. Which is still a nice color. This was sort of a hidden gem for Laur and I to stumble on in her mom’s polish collection. The application on this polish was fine. I did a very messy application, but everything turned out fine. I did three coats for full multicolored glitter-ness and for even, saturated color. I am really liking this polish.

Lauren and I are going to try to stay warm shopping for new polish and beauty products today that we can’t wait to blog about!

– Liz


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