China Glaze: Peace On Earth

Peace On Earth

Out of all of the China Glaze Holiday 2011 collection that I own, this is color is my favorite. Peace on Earth is a golden, olive green. I’m going to start off by saying that the formula on this polish wasn’t the best. It seemed to be thicker than the normal China Glaze formula. It also had a certain sticky, goopy-ness to it that no one likes. I used two coats. And it dried pretty quickly. I would suggest a thinner first coat followed by a thicker second coat for full coverage.

In Shade

This polish has a very nice metallic, shimmer finish on it. However, I could see someone not liking this polish because of the finish. I could see one saying it is “too frosty” or “pearly” looking for their taste causing it to read dated. Though, the finish to me allows it to be very holiday. Also, the golden olive / military green is a very cool and edgy color to me, so nothing about this polish is anything but awesome for me.

In Shade

I also think this color would look great on all skin tones. Specially someone with beautiful porcelain skin or someone with darker skin tones. Since winter has arrived here in Chicago, my skin is back to it’s more yellow natural, so I think this polish looks more yellow on me because of it.

This polish overall is awesome. I love the edgy-ness to it. I love how the color is young and hip, but could also be styled in a more holiday feel. I think it’s very versatile and not only wearable during the holiday season!

– Liz



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4 responses to “China Glaze: Peace On Earth

  1. That shade is gorgeous! I´m wearing an olive green today as well, Mash from Nars. I love olive and golden greens..

  2. funny that there’s already a comment about NARS “Mash” because I was just wearing that polish and was going to say this looks a lot like it! More olive and greens tones in this one than in NARS though I think.

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