Sephora by OPI: It Looks Like Reindeer

It Looks Like Reindeer

I hope the name I used for the post isn’t confusing to you all. There appears to be some confusion about the name… my bottle says “It Looks Like Rain, Dear”… which doesn’t make any sense because there’s no play on words involved. I’m not sure if that’s what they intended to do or if it’s a miscommunication/typo. Either way, I’m going with the cuter and more fun of the options.


Now for the good stuff! This polish is packed full of gold glitter! It’s predominantly gold with some silver microglitter in there, but the best part of the polish is the larger iridescent glitter. These make the polish so pretty and unique and they are always changing different colors. It also takes a gold glitter and makes it more holiday which I wouldn’t have expected, but see it when it’s on the nail it kind of reminds me of tinsel or the star on top of a tree.

I used 2 coats for my mani, but I don’t think 3 would overdo it at all, it would probably be glorious! Since it’s all glitter it will be glittery so plan to use a heavy top coat to smooth it out if you don’t like the feeling of straight glitter.


This is the best close up shot I could get of the glitter. You can definitely see the iridescent pieces, they don’t hide, which is really nice and it’s not a wimpy gold it hits you with color. I only put this on last night, but I’ve had no problems today. The 2 coats went on smoothly and were both pigmented. Enjoying wearing this all weekend!

Happy Saturday!



** Update! I had to remove this polish this morning, a day earlier than I would have liked… It was such a pain to get off, more than I expected. It was like Orly Luxe in the sense that first the remover removed all of the gold coloring from the nail and only then did it begin to remove the polish itself. The glitter was to be expected… long and painful. Another bad thing that happened was that it stained some of my nails! Such a bummer to see these results from the removal of Reindeer… I don’t think it’ll keep me away from this polish forever, but probably at least for a few weeks 😦


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  1. Love the color, is it still available?

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