Rescue Beauty Lounge: Scrangie

In Sun!

I’m sure many of you have seen or heard of this polish. But look at it, it’s so perfect! RBL came out with a blogger collection a couple of years ago and this is the ever so popular blogger Scrangie’s personally designed polish. For anyone that loves purple polish, this is a serious must have. Or I’d even claim anyone that likes polish needs to have this because it is beyond unique and gorgeous.

In Shade

I really like the fact that the base color in this polish is not too dark or deep. It also has a red tinge to it that I could see while applying, so the purple is warmer. The depth on this polish is so impressive between the warm purple and the cool shimmer. The light blue / greenish shimmer that is running through this polish takes it to another level. When I saw it in the sunlight, I could barely believe how pretty and mesmerizing it was. I don’t want to stop staring at it! It also allows for the polish to be brighter / lighter overall, which I really like. This color is an eye-catcher and a serious show stopper.

The application was slight on the thin side. I had to use three coats for full saturation and for the color to become completely opaque. But the three coats allowed for the color to really build and come out perfectly. I did notice that this formula smelled like hair dye to me. Which I found annoying and slightly strange.

– Liz


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