China Glaze: Mistletoe Kisses

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..I don’t like glitter polishes. I don’t like the way they feel when you touch them on your nail.  And I specially do not like the complete pain, literally and figuratively, they are to remove. It’s just ridiculous. So, I don’t own many. If I had someone to remove them for me, I might take a better liking to the. However, that’s not a reality so my dislike will probably continue. I did recently purchase this China Glaze Holiday however. It looked really cool and different in the swatches I saw and just made me buy it.

I don’t know what to say. When I look at this polish just on my nail, I like it. I like that it is green, silver, and fun to stare at. But when I start thinking about the polish in the bottle, swatches I have seen, and the holidays my feelings sway.

This is two thick coats. The application was fine, minus I do have a patchy spot on my ring finger. I feel like the color is too in the middle. I feel as though I want it to be either “icy-er” or darker. It’s just sort of in the middle. I think maybe if I layered it over a light blue it would look very cool. Maybe more snowy and crisp. Or if it had more silver and lighter glitter with a hint of green. However, if it was darker it would also seem more of that “Christmas green” or holiday. Because to me right now my first thought when I look at it is money, not holiday.

Overall I am slightly disappointed. Although as mentioned, I don’t love glitters, but I do love green. I think that if you like glitter polishes, this could be a good addition to your collection. It’s sort of unique but not in a positive way, because I feel like the color is sort of flat and could be more interesting and less mediocre.

I will also probably wear this color for the next 5 days because I don’t even want to deal with the removal process!

– Liz



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4 responses to “China Glaze: Mistletoe Kisses

  1. When I first saw this color, it made me think of spearmint or wintergreen mints.

    I feel exactly the same about glitters – no matter how much you soak, they’re never an easy off. The pulling and separating of cotton makes me cringe ::shiver::

    • Haha, the cotton pulling is the worst. Try using felt to remove polishes! It makes removing so easy. It is especially great with shimmer and it does make glitter polishes easier, though still awful. And I promise it does not do the pulling!

      – Liz

      • whoa, felt to remove polish? that is such a good idea and makes so much sense for glitters because like everyone else, the feeling of cotton pulling makes me cringe.

  2. Felt literally makes like cremes and metallics, melt away. If you press it onto the glitter polishes for like, 30 seconds it really does make it easier. I just use white felt from Michaels and cut them into little squares.

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