Essie: Big Spender


Essie Big Spender


Today I have for you Essie’s Big Spender. I got this nail polish about a year ago and I’ve worn it a few times already, which is quite a feat as I’m sure you already know. There had been so many blues and glitters in my life recently, I needed something completely different! Big Spender is a bright pink creme, but there is some purple to the shade. In bright sunlight it can tend to get mostly pink. but most of the day you can see the hint of purple in it.

This goes on smoothly and has good coverage in 1 coat, this is 2 coats. It hasn’t worn very well for me since Monday night, but I mostly blame myself for that, not Big Spender.

I love this color because it really stands out compared to most other pinks. It’s easy to get a hot pink or a baby pink, but few pinks are bright and dark at the same time, let alone with the hint of purple this one has. I really enjoy wearing it because I love pink, but you don’t always want ballet slipper pink or rose pink.


This past summer I picked up a bunch of Sonia Kashuk nail polishes when I first heard about them. One of the ones I got was Ooh La La, which, when I got home, looked just like Big Spender. I was kind of disappointed, but I figured they couldn’t be exact dupes no matter how alike they looked in the bottle and either way Ooh La La only cost $3.99, haha.


Ooh La La and Big Spender


Ooh La La on middle finger



Here I have Big Spender on the pointer and ring fingers and Ooh La La on the middle finger. You can tell the difference right away: Ooh La La is truer to a hot pink than Big Spender is. It’s definitely a noticeable change and Ooh La La is much brighter. I like both polishes, Ooh La La is a great hot pink, but I think if you want a little extra something special you should go with the darker Big Spender.


Happy Hump day!




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2 responses to “Essie: Big Spender

  1. Esse Big Spender is a shade of pink no girl should go without. Essie offers superior quality products that are durable and chip-resistant. If you’re looking to stand out in a crowd, Essie Big Spender will definitely help you accomplish this. I haven’t tried Ooh La La yet but based on your pictures I will be adding that to my collection soon!

  2. beachgal

    This is my range of pinks I dearly love…I lump this into fuchsias…the purple/blue pulls it into that range for me…and I am beyond a HUGE fuchsia polish hound! It’s up there as my fav shade where as most polish-holics would say green or blue….I am fuchsia followed by reds of all shades. I have always loved reds. I have more reds in my spread sheet of my inventory than any other range of hues…and I never tire of them just as i don’t tire of the range of fuchsias. Light pinks I do tire of…but I think part of that is growing up in the 60’s…that was the era of white lipsticks and pale pink frosted polish…pre hippie days and even hippiedays – as contrary to popular believe – a lot of hippie gals did wear polish and some makeup sometimes.

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