OPI: Yodel Me On My Cell (with accent nail!)

Yodel Me On My Cell + Absolutely Alice

Hey everyone! Happy Sunday. Well yesterday I said I felt like I needed some color after Under My Trench Coat and blue was that color! I was sifting through my blues deciding which one to do and rediscovered Yodel Me On My Cell. I loved it when I got it back in August and hey, it’s still fall, so why not? Megan recently posted on Polish Or Perish about accent nails and I was in the mood for that, really enjoying it so far.

This is 2 coats of Yodel Me except for the ring finger, which is 1 coat Yodel Me and 1 coat Absolutely Alice. I like this color combo because it’s a very subtle change, but still something special and noticeable.

Yodel Me is a little on the sheer side and with 2 coats you can still see VNL in some lights. The application is lovely on both. I am already preparing myself for the removal of Absolutely Alice, but at least it’s only 1 nail (for now, haha).

Pic with the Yodel Me On My Cell bottle

Here’s a picture with the Yodel Me On My Cell bottle just to have a view from both sides. These are both wearing well for me, I did the mani Saturday morning and it’s looking like it’ll go strong through today and probably tomorrow too!

It may be fun to try a reverse accent nail? where you do all glitters with 1 creme nail. It’s nice to do something different with colors you love wearing.

Almost time for football!



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