Sephora by OPI: What’s Your Point-settia?


This polish and I got off to an AWFUL start this morning. I went to Sephora to pick up a couple of the Holiday $OPI and some new dry shampoo. Once I saw the swatches of this polish I HAD to have it so I couldn’t wait to open it when I got in the car. To my surprise, the bottle was cracked and the polish got all over my cell phone, jeans, and car seats. I wanted to die. Luckily, I guess, I got it off the leather seats and my cell phone. However, my favorite pair of denim was a casualty. I couldn’t get the polish out of them. I am still very upset.

Somehow I got past this mess, and didn’t hold it against the polish. Though, I thought about it. Anyway, as you can see in the bottle, this berry red polish has gold micro shimmer running through it. It’s actually packed with shimmer. Being the non-red fan that I am, this red has a lot of purple in it and is more berry than red. It is also quite deep so it’s not screaming at you. The gold shimmer isn’t too obvious, but adds depth to the polish it would not have otherwise.

In Sun

The application on this polish was okay. It was sort of sheer. And seems jelly-ish to me. I used two coats, but I could have / perhaps should have used three to get the beautiful, deep color that the polish holds in the bottle. I will remember that for next time. This color does seem very “holiday” to me. And winter-ish overall. The rich color is of this polish is what I am used to seeing during the holiday season. But for some reason I don’t love it on me. What is it about red polishes that irk me on myself so much?! My Mother has always had Poinsettias in the house for the holidays, or has given me one for my apartment. I love the flowers, so the name is super cute to me as well.

Also, I ordered a few of the new China Glaze Holiday collection, all of greens actually. They look awesome. I’m sure I will be wearing those soon, so look forward to those swatches next week!

Happy weekend,




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2 responses to “Sephora by OPI: What’s Your Point-settia?

  1. SisterLes

    Oh my gosh, that is terrible! RIP favorite denim. I recently spilled a bottle of a deep red polish all over my white carpet. However, it’s mostly under the nightstand so I’m ignoring it until I move. Try rubbing alcohol or hairspray…that got a lot of the stain out of the carpet and it’s worth a shot if you’re already considering the denim a lost cause.

    • Haha Leslie that is terrible!
      I was furious. I tried hairspray and polish remover but it was just taking the dye out of the denim so I put it in the washer and it didn’t do anything. Maybe I will try some rubbing alcohol. I am so mad because I never buy jeans and they were those gap ones. I guess I can get a new pair but they won’t be $30 like they were.

      Brb whining more.

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