Barielle Nail Brightener

I don’t know how many of you nail polish fanatics struggle with staining, but I do. And it totally stinks. I pretty much never go anywhere without my nails painted, so no one really sees my slight staining issue, but I know it’s there and I hate it. But, I recently stumbled upon this nail brightener.

I will say right away that you aren’t suppose to use this with polish on top. I’d prefer one that I could wear polish with. But I’ve been using this product at night. If I am planning on changing polish the next day, I’ll remove my polish at night and slap this on through the night and until I am ready to paint. This product is “natural nail enhancement for dull or yellow nails.” It also has antioxidants for the nail and hydrates them as well. As you can see, it has a milky color, but also it has an iridescent quality, so it’s pearly in the sunlight. It’s not just a clear coat, so it doesn’t look like your nails are completely bare. They still look finished. I have noticed my nails feel better after I have it on. My toes look much brighter and also feel better. More hydrated and smooth, and feel stronger too. Just healthier overall.

I picked this up at TJMaxx for $4, and it’s worth it!

– Liz


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