Chipping & Tipwear Rant on RBL

Ugh. Well, I am disappointed. And frustrated. First of all, I make it a point to either shower before I paint my nails during the day and not after I have just spent time making sure they look great. I feel as though showering or some reason with recently painted nails always makes mine peel easily, etc. I showered this morning, and my nails have excessive tipwear and chips. So, I take steps to prevent chipping and tipwear as much as I can because well, who doesn’t hate it? I am upset because as mentioned in my post yesterday, I had high hopes for RBL with their quality of polish based on the price. I was expecting a good formula and application, which it had, and for the polish to last. All I asked for was 2 days! That’s not extreme. I haven’t even been wearing this mani for 24 hours and I have tipwear and chipping. Why must this happen to me? I used the Barielle Protein Basecoat with CND Speedey topcoat. I’m not using poor products as a base or topcoat for that to be part of the problem.

Has anyone else experienced this with RBL polishes? I understand this may have been some sort of fluke, and I will compare it with the wear on my other recently purchased RBL polishes. But as of right now, I am disappointed.

EDIT 11/15: I recently wore (and am still wearing) No More War. I put this polish on on Saturday and I decided to switch up my basecoat because I thought that maybe something wasn’t working well with RBL. I used Formula 2 by Nailtiques, followed  by two coats of No More War and CND Speedey. My chipping after two days is nonexistent and the tipwear is minimal. I’m still unsure if I applied Concrete Jungle poorly or something wasn’t meshing with Stickey as the basecoat. I will also update on this topic when I wear Scrangie sometime soon. I am considering using two different basecoats on each hand and will fill you guys in on the outcome!

– Liz



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5 responses to “Chipping & Tipwear Rant on RBL

  1. Caity

    I also bought my first RBL polishes during the sale last week. I painted them with Scrangie yesterday afternoon and also have tip wear and a few chips this evening. I feel like it is comparable in wear to most of the other polish brands that I normally use, mainly mac, opi, china glaze, or essie. A little disappointing considering the price, glad I bought the RBL at 50% off. (although i did buy 5 bottles)

    • That is such a shame! Especially with Scrangie since that color is beautiful!

      I feel the same way about the wearability in comparison to other brands I wear often. I really thought I would get more out of them. I haven’t worn all of the ones I bought recently, so I hope that maybe just my application / top coat was poor and some of the others will do a little better for me. So far I am also glad I bought mine at 50% off too!

      – Liz

      • Caity

        Look Rich Be Cheap was a giant fail for me 😦 I painted them yesterday evening, CND Stickey base, 2 coats RBL, and CND Speedey top coat, and I already have huge chips in 3 of my nails. I haven’t showered since I painted them and have barely done dishes or any cleaning around my house. So bummed…

      • Has your chipping continued to get worse? After my first day of chips and tipwear it sort of, stopped? It didn’t get any worse. Which I guess is cool, but I wish it hadn’t done that to begin with. I also use Speedey / use Stickey sometimes as well. It might be either one of those not working well with the RBL. I know I used Speedey, so maybe that’s part of our problem.

        – Liz

  2. Caity

    I had a China Glaze base coat and a Sally Hanson top coat with Scrangie, so I thought I would change over to the CND ones since I usually have pretty good luck with them. Now that I think about it the Scrangie didn’t get a whole lot worse after the first 24 hours, so hopefully I can touch up the LRBC and be fine with it.

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