Essie: Alligator Purse

I would like to say hello to all the new readers that have stopped by the past couple days. It is honestly something very exciting for Lauren and myself. We just think it’s very fun and cool to have lots of views and know people like to stop by during the day!

I stumbled upon Alligator Purse in the clearance section the other day while shopping. I don’t really have many orange polishes, specifically cremes so I thought why not. I also liked the name. This polish is originally from the Bring on The Bling collection of 2007. An oldie but goody.

In Shade

First I would like to mention that the formula of this polish was seriously like butter. It covered so well and smooth. It was completely opaque in one coat and was just heaven. I was so thrilled. And the color its selfish a “burnt orange”.  And orange with some brown in it. It’s a very pretty fall color. It just reminds me of Thanksgiving and those rusty brown colors that come with it.

Regular readers know I am not a huge fan of warm colors in general. They just aren’t my number one choice. But I think this is a wonderful fall color, and to be honest, I know I like it more because the rust color reminds me of my dog! She is orange /rust/golden colored. I am such a freak. But it is a color that I think is interesting and was missing from my collection. I’m glad I snatched it up, specially for the impressive application.

The week is half way over,




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3 responses to “Essie: Alligator Purse

  1. I’m a bit confused, I’m wearing the same polish right now(and blogged about it here: -in Swedish but we’re all just in in for the pics, non? =) )-and it looks far more orange on other people’s swatches. All I’m seeing is the perfect middle ground between red and brown. I still don’t think I have a fake bottle though.:O
    I do agree on application though, it’s flawless. And wear…I’m amazed at how long Essies stay chip free.

    • Whoa, I looked at your photos, (I wish I could read Swedish!) and your polish does look much more red than mine. Even in the bottle. That’s very strange. I try to not adjust or edit the colors in my photos too much because I don’t like when I see others’ reviews of polishes and I can barely tell what color they are blogging about because it is so edited! So, these photos are pretty close to the orange color it was in real life as well for me. I couldn’t see them changing the color for a different market, so I’m not sure why yours is more red. Hm, we should solve this mystery!

      And although the application was flawless, I did end up having chips within the first day with this one. It may have been the way I applied by top coat though. 😦

      – Liz

  2. I do not color-adjust my photos at all precisely because if it doesn’t show the color as-is, then there’s not much point imho…that said I do think my pics are slightly cool-toned, due to overcast weather(and perhaps the blue on the page influences things as well?), but the bottle color is pretty much as I see it when looking at it directly. And, I bought mine from an eBay seller in the U.S. so it should be no different from anyone elses…can’t see anybody bother with faking something reasonably cheap and still readily available, either. Most odd! Perhaps I’ll get a bottle from another source for comparison…

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