China Glaze: Ingrid NOTD

In Shade

Ingrid was sort of labeled as the “must get” from the Vintage Vixen collection. It was one of the first ones that I thought I needed, but it has been sold out each time I go looking for it. But recently, I got my little paws on it. When I was first applying this color, on the first coat I literally said outloud, “gross.” The first coat did NOT look nice at all. But by the time I got the second coat on, the color changed into sort of a putty, grey brown and the gold shimmer built up very nicely. Not to mention, the formula was great. Speaking of the shimmer..

In Sun

The gold micro shimmer is really pretty. Look at it in the bottle! Outdoors you can really see it, and it makes this sort of just brownish creme polish into something really cool. This polish sort of looks like it could be boring and overlooked, but it’s actually not. I’m really liking it so far.

I also recently bought a new CND top coat that I am using with Stickey. I felt comfortable using my hands and my nails felt dry just after a couple of minutes after applying, which I look for in top coats and love. I will let you all know how the chipping and wear goes, since that’s important, right?

Hope Monday ends soon,



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