Zoya: Midori


Hi everyone! It’s been warm here so I got one last blast of summer. This is Zoya’s Midori. It’s a vibrant green shade, kind of like a grass green or granny smith apples. It has a gold sheen shimmer to it, which I think sets it apart and makes it special. This color kind of shocked me because I expected it to be a little more sheer and not as bright, but you can tell in the first coat that it is going to be a bright green. This is 2 coats.

Bright green!

This applied really well, as is my experience with most Zoyas and it’s very opaque. You can barely see VNL in the light, I don’t really mind, no one would be looking at your nail line with this color on. The wear has been good, this last picture was taken today after 2 days of wear. You can really see the grass green aspect in this last pic I think, the gold shimmer is probably my favorite part of the polish though. If you like a different, medium green that’s not too mint or too dark I definitely recommend this.

Happy Hump Day,



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  1. Scientific Housewife

    I had Midori and I love it! Such a great summer shade 🙂

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