Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

In Shade

Hey readers. I know, who hasn’t seen the swatches of Hidden Treasure over black polish. Or lots of other flake polishes out there. But you have to admit, it does look really nice, and pretty cool! And to top it off, it is very Halloween-ish. I painted my nails China Glaze Liquid Leather (love that name) the other day, and to cover up some tipwear and to add a change I layered Hidden Treasure on top. I don’t know if I would wear HT by itself, I just don’t see it looking good alone. It’s meant for layering. I plan on wearing Here Again…Aragon Tomorrow within the next couple of days, and I was thinking with the dark green that it is HT will look good over it, and very Halloween as well. I will show you all the results!





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4 responses to “Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

  1. i must get this polish! it looks so cool over black! very halloweenish.

  2. I recently did the HT dupe Nubar 2010 over ORLY Enchanted Forest and I loved it, so your combo should look very cool too!

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