China Glaze: Foxy

It’s been awhile. I apologize for the quality of this photo, it was the only one I had that came out pretty usable. I was in a rush before I went out of town to snap some photos of this polish so I could blog about it. More Vintage Vixen:

Foxy is a really cute name. It reminds me of my dog. This polish is a very interesting color to me. In this photo it looks more red than it actually is. It’s a very pretty orange, rusty metallic brown. Sort of the color that comes to mind when one thinks of “foxy”.  This color just says “fall” to me. I love that it reminds me of maple trees turning that burnt red/orange. And it reminds me of a farm stands where you get your pumpkins at and all the colors there. This polish literally applied itself. It came out so glossy and glassy. It looked perfect. And I have to mention, I still have this polish on. I’ve had it on for FIVE full days with minimal chipping. Not to mention, I had a very busy weekend and it wore like iron.

– Liz


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