China Glaze: Riveter Rouge


In Shade


I am on a Vintage Vixen kick. I don’t really know what it is about these colors, but I really like almost the entire collection. I sort of moved out of my comfort zone and picked up this red from the collection. We all know, I am not a red fan, and recently I have noticed not really a pink fan either. But I liked this polish for whatever reason. It is a deeper red. And the base seems to look metallic to me as well. I like this red because it’s not very bright, and it looks like a brown red. The glitter in the polish isn’t overwhelming, it’s sort there as an accent I feel. It does not overwhelm the base color.

You can see that there is glitter in the polish. It’s a good balance. I think the glitter is both gold and silver, which I also like. I love the mixing of metallic finishes in anything.  The application on this polish was fine, I used two coats. Also, for some reason I really find the China Glaze brushes easy to use. I feel as though they flatten out on the nail very easily during application for a lot of coverage.

Also, my First Class Ticket manicure lasted 3 days with very minimal tipwear. This is something that very rarely happens to me. I was so pleased.

I need to pick up a new top coat, but I’m debating on what to try. I have been using Barielle’s Manicure Extender topcoat. I do not like how SV becomes too thick to use half way through the bottle, and it does not seem to preform any better for me than other topcoats. I do like how sturdy it makes the nail feel. And I trust it in the sense that I feel like after about two minutes of applying it, I can start using my hands. I’ll let everyone know what I end up with.

– Liz


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