Milani: Melt Down


Melt Down from Milani's Liquid Metals Collection


Hey all! Sorry I’ve been quiet all week, I had such a difficult week with nail polish and it all started with this: Milani’s Melt Down. Melt Down is a dark cherry red from Milani’s Liquid Metals collection that came out this summer. It’s a good, solid red with a lot of shimmer. It’s a nice classic color and the glitter gives it a little extra kick, but it’s not exactly unique. When I put it on, I was a fan of the color because we know that I am a lover of reds.

However, it was pretty much downhill from there. I did my nails late in the evening, around 9pm and let them dry for an hour or two before going to bed. I woke up the next morning with chips and tip wear. …What?! Did I sleep walk during the night and bang my nails against the wall? I don’t think so. I was very shocked, shocked that this happened in less than 12 hours and also shocked because I did not have this experience when wearing the other colors from that same collection. I used Seche as a top coat and didn’t experience any weirdness before so I’m at a loss as to why this happened. Anyway, I had to take it off that night it looked so bad, (with the glitter, this is also not a treat to remove, that goes for the whole collection). I also wore Borghese Red after that and didn’t even get the chance to take a picture of that one as the same thing happened. I guess my nails just weren’t feeling my polish this week.

To sum it up, great classic, shimmery red, but I did not have a great experience with the wear. Milanis are super affordable and I haven’t had problems with their polish in the past so I do recommend trying them out as a general rule.

Coming up this week I am going to have the China Glaze Halloween 2010 nail polishes for you which I just got and am so excited to try, so look forward to that!


Happy weekend!



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