China Glaze: First Class Ticket NOTD

In Full Sun

Hello. Ah, purple polish. My favorite color in the world. So, obviously when I saw this deep metallic purple in the China Glaze fall Vintage Vixen collection, I had to have it. I love all purple, but dark, deep, metallic ones are my favorite. And this one has blue glitter! Indoor this polish just looks like a deep and slightly metallic polish, but outside you can see the blue glitter running through it which makes it just lovely. There could be a little more blue glitter in there, for my taste, but it’s still very pretty and a very ‘me’ color.  I would not say this color is very unique, but I don’t care and love it anyway.

The formula on this polish was a little weird though. I used two coats, and I guess maybe could have done three but didn’t feel like it. I found the formula slightly runny and thin. So I would try to put more on the brush, but then it would sort of spill all over. But I wouldn’t say it’s not manageable. I also think that the polish looks really dark in the bottle, but lightens up on the nail and you can see the depth in the polish on the nail.

I’m looking forward to picking up more colors from this collection, I have really liked the ones I already have.

– Liz


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