Zoya: Edyta

In sun

Hey guys. I have been absent with blogging for about a week, so I’m sorry about that. I had been wearing polishes that we had already blogged about, or just older ones. However, I’m back with Edyta from the fall Zoya’s. I think this polish is my favorite from the ones I have from this collection. I really like Shawn a lot also, but this color is super interesting. It’s sexy. And so sparkley. It’s sort of a charcoal grey base. with awesome green and yellow/gold glitter. I like the color combo. The green and gold glitter is sort of, muted so it’s not such a contrast with the grey. This polish reminded me like, a beautiful stone. For example, granite or something. Where you can find earth tones along with muted other colors within it.

I will mention that the wear on it was NOT good at all. I think I had chipping within a few hours of painting my nails. Which was really disappointing because I just switched my basecoat over to Stickey, and it didn’t work well with this polish. This totally bummed me out because like I mentioned, I really like this color but it did not look good for long so I didn’t wear it for long.

Until I paint again,



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