Zoya: Harley

Harley's shimmery goodness

Hi Everyone! Been kind of absent this week. If you can believe it, I just couldn’t find time to do my nails. Now, I’m back with Zoya’s Harley. I really love this polish. Harley is originally from the Twist collection and I just got it this year during the Polish Exchange. I really love this color and think it’s pretty unique for a grey. When the light hits the shimmer, it kind of looks like concrete. It’s a not dark like you would think of grey polish, it could pass as a neutral and maybe even a silver. I really love wearing this.


This applies wonderfully, no problems at all. I’m wearing 2 coats of it, which is really all you need, though I’m sure there would be nothing wrong with wearing 3 coats. I think I painted my nails on Thursday night, I don’t quite remember and couldn’t really tell because there’s been no evidence of wear. Love this polish and it’s making my weekend a little happier.

Enjoying the beautiful Saturday weather,



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