Barielle: Wool You Marry Me? NOTD

Hey guys. I wanted to squeeze in a post today between all of the errands I have to do today. I allowed myself to go buy a few polishes yesterday. I have been saving money recently, which unfortunately means no polish binges multiple times a week. Anyway, I picked up one of the new Barielle shades from the Fall Argyle collection. I didn’t own any Barielle polishes until now, just products. But I will say I love the new bottles that they have! I like all square bottles.

In Overcast

I saw the swatches of this collection and wasn’t super thrilled with it. And even in person all but like, a couple of the colors look the same. I decided to pick up this one though. I obviously LOVE the name of the polish, it’s so cute. And the color is nice. It’s a maroonish brown creme. I like it because it’s more brown that it is red. But you can see that it’s one of those “brick” colors. But it leans a little more brown on me than red. I like it as one of those “weird” neutrals, and the fact that it’s dark makes it great for winter and fall. It just started to get really cool and cold here so I found it perfect to wear for the weekend.  The application on this polish was like a dream. So smooth and opaque. I used two coats and it’s beautiful. I also have high hopes for the wearable, I will let you all know how it goes.

It’s sports Sunday,



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