OPI: Cuckoo For This Color

Cuckoo For This Color

Earlier we did swatches for the OPI Swiss collection, but this is the first time I’ve worn Cuckoo For This Color since getting it. There may be some bubbles in these pics, but I’ve discovered that the culprit of this is a Sally Hansen Nail Protex top coat and not the polish. It’s hard for me too describe what this color is like. At first, I thought of it as a shimmer version of Ski Teal We Drop, but if you compare the two, this is much greener. However, I can’t say that it’s a green, because it is very blue also. I guess it’s just a different version of a teal, almost kind of a peacock color which is what it reminds me of. No matter what color it is, it’s very pretty!

Shade from the side

The application on this was fine, it goes on kind of sheer, perhaps slightly streaky in the first coat, but it’s all evened out by the second. I expect the wear to be pretty standard, my mani probably won’t look good for long because of this top coat.

I knew I liked this color and wanted it, but nothing stood out until I wore it. There is blue-green and silver microglitter that comes out a lot in the sunlight. After wearing it, I think it’s a very unique color. If you like shimmer and the teal trend for fall, I think Cuckoo For This Color is a good choice.

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