Zoya: Shawn NOTD

In Overcast Sunlight

Shawn is from the Zoya Fall Wonderful collection that was released in July. When I first saw this color, I knew I had to have it. I like that it isn’t a super bright green, like Pretty Egdy. I wouldn’t have been interested in that.  This color reminds me of  a lush, wet forest. Or like, Seattle or Portland or something. It’s very saturated and full of depth. Indoors it appears darker than it actually is out in natural light. But when you see it outdoors, it’s so pretty.

It’s a really nice, earth colored polish. I really am loving it. And I think the name is great because it reminds me of fawn which makes me think of the outdoors and forests more. The application on this polish seemed a little more OPI creme rather than Zoya creme. It was a tab bit thick for me. Not unmanageable, but just not as good as I am used to Zoya cremes being. But the opaqueness was great.

Feeling worn out,



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