Orly: Space Cadet


Um, OMG. Space Cadet is blowing my mind! I knew this polish was going to be amazing via the blogging I have seen going on about it. And even from the bottle. But literally, when you apply it, gets even MORE amazing. To get this out of the way, the application and formula on this polish was great. I used three coats and it dried really fast which was awesome. When you are first looking at this polish, the colors that come out most are brown and purple.  Mostly purple.

But as you can see in the bottle, there’s like gold in there too, and many of you that have read about Space Cadet know that there is also green in there. The green and yellow/goldish come out more in the sunlight and outdoor lighting. But it’s totally noticeable indoors too, just not the predominate colors that come out. I had read about possible dupes for many of the other polishes from the Cosmic FX’s, but I don’t think there was one for this polish. Which means it’s the most unique one of the group and totally worth the $10 price tag, to me at least. It’s a great “party polish”. I understand it might be too flashy for some people, or inappropriate for office wear, but for the weekend, this polish is great.

I wanted to throw in a picture of this polish not against my brown deck to show you guys some contrast. And I sort of think the green brings out the yellow and green in the polish too. This was the only Cosmic FX I have bought, but Laur has It’s Not Rocket Science, and is going to be blogging about that one this week. So we can see how that one is too. But I am totally in love with this polish, and think Orly did an amazing job with this line. And I LOVE the new black handles!

– Liz


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