Zoya: Blair

Deep red Blair!

Hello all! Today I have Zoya Blair for you. Please excuse the tipwear, I painted with this yesterday in honor of the True Blood season finale tonight. I didn’t get the chance to take a picture yesterday. Blair is a deep blackened red. I noticed when I put it on that it is also a very purpley red, which I didn’t expect and didn’t see in other photos. I’ll be honest, I love this color, it was love at first sight once I got it on my nails and it’s been wearing very well so far.


I fell in love with this color right away, but not the application. This was surprising for me because I’ve always had a great time applying with Zoya. This went on very thick and rather unevenly. The Barielle Ridge Filler basecoat is also a suspect to this unsavory application, that is rather thick itself, but I used it the other day and polish went over it just fine. I was able to manage pretty well, this is 2 coats and it looks fine, but it definitely wasn’t an enjoyable manicure to apply. Hopefully this will last me through tomorrow and then we’ll have some new Orly Cosmic FX polishes coming for you!

Almost True Blood time, Truebies!



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