Essie: Sew Psyched NOTD

Cutest polish name, right? This is the only Essie from the new fall 2010 collection I have purchased, so far. I bet that might change. I’m like that. At first I will say that none of the colors from a collection really do it for me, or I love them all and will literally die without them. This polish is a cool color. I think it’s very on point with the military fashion trend that is happening. I also think it’s a nice, modern fall color.  I feel crazy recently because I have been writing about how shimmer hasn’t been showing up in my manicures, but I will say the same for this one. I saw others swatches of this color, and also the microshimmer was very slight, I could see it even in the photos. But it might be because I was only outside today to swatch these photos, and not in the sun. I think the microshimmer adds enough femininity to this masculine color that it has a nice balance.

The application on this was okay. I did find myself shaking up the bottle multiple times during my two coat application though. And that I needed to make sure I had a lot of polish on the small Essie brush to make sure it went on smooth and even. I didn’t have much a problem when I did that.

Is anyone else feeling the military polish trend? Like the Chanels? Yum.

It’s Friday,



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