Boots: Organic Face Nourishing Eye Make Up Remover

I’m not really sure how our regular readers feel about updates that have to do with make up or other beauty products. I mean, Lauren and I are girls that love and enjoy make up and all body and beauty products. And furthermore, I don’t mind when some of my favorite bloggers update about products that just aren’t polish related. Though, I will honest a lot of the time I’m not drawn to the products, I am sort of stubborn and picky, but I am interested in hearing about new and different things that are out there.

I normally use  a Clinique eye make up remover. Recently I ran out of it, and was at Target and decided to look for something different to use for make up removal. I think a lot of the time eye make up remover can be oily and slick. So, I was in Targets beauty aisles looking for something new to try, I stumbled onto this little gem while looking at the organic body products.

As mentioned before, I prefer to use all natural products on my skin and body. I have found a couple really nice organic body products at Target and I think it’s completely awesome and I love that they supply many options of them for a good price. What is totally weird about this make up remover though, is that it’s a gel. I was both intrigued and confused by this when I first purchased it. I liked the idea of it because I don’t have to worry about having a little make up square to take my make up off, I can just squeeze out it out and use it without anything else for it to do its job. I put it on and rub it, then add water and it turns into a liquid and just rinse it off. It works well, and it also leaves my eyelids and surrounding skin very moisturized and silky. It feels very smooth and never irritated even if it gets into my eyes. It’s all natural and 93% certified organic. It doesn’t have much of a scent to it at all. The main ingredient is olive oil, so it just smells slightly of that. Which is also why this product is very conditioning to the skin. The bottle also says it uses high quality extra virgin oil olive too. And I believe them. I would completely recommend this to anyone, and it was only $6!

– Liz


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  1. Scientific Housewife

    Sounds good! I use Cold Cream to take off my eye makeup.

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