China Glaze: Classic Camel NOTD

This is a first here at Death by Polish. We are swatching and reviewing China Glaze. I previously mentioned how Lauren and I had not been interested and thrilled with the application, coverage, and weirdness that we had encountered with China Glaze so we would just pass them up. However, the Vintage Vixen collection has had me drooling for months and I finally was able to find them in store yesterday. So here is my first manicure from the collection!

In Sunlight

For some reason, I had been dying for this color since I first saw it. I’m not a yellow person. Not a warm color person even at all. I own like, two red items of clothing (all are Chicago Blackhawks shirts) and orange and yellow just aren’t for me. But I adored this color in all the swatches I saw. It reminds me of the following items: caramel, blonde hair, and champagne. The microshimmer in this polish is, I think, both silver and gold. I think the color looks more yellow on me because of my skin tone, but on Lauren or lighter skin tones, I could see it laying more golden or brownish. It’s so pretty. It’s also a very interesting color. I love it for early fall. The application was fine. I used two thicker coats and everything went well.

Enjoying my day off,



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