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Essie: Demure Vixen

Demure Vixen in sunlight

This is Demure Vixen from Essie’s Summer 2010 collection. This was the only polish I knew that I really wanted from the collection and I searched for it high and low for at least 2 months. Liz and I finally found it a couple weeks ago and I have been so excited for this polish. When I began applying it last night, though, it really shocked me. At first, I thought it looked simply awful on me and was so disappointed, but the lighting in my apartment was weird at the time, so I waited it out. It grew on me and when I saw it in more normal light today I was very pleased.

The darker side

The color is definitely different. After a day of wear, I have decided that it is greyish-purple, or greyple, if you will. The shimmer is very subtle and part of me wishes it was more prominent, but then I suppose it would not be “demure”. I think by now, most gals know that this is a sheer polish, I used 3 coats, it was alright in 2, but I had planned on 3. I have a bit of tip wear, but I think it’s mostly my fault. My nails aren’t in great shape, so I’m sure I’ll have to take this off tomorrow or the next day, which is kind of disappointing because now I’m loving it!

Your demure vixen,


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Orly: Oh Cabana Boy NOTD


Fun polish name, right? I have to admit, I have been totally obsessed with this color the past two weeks. Which is slightly weird because, well, look at it. I feel like a lot of us nail polish fanatics would look at this color and want to barf, but I have been totally loving it. I know it is completely barbie, bright, and sparkly but I can’t get enough of it. This is another one of those neon Orly’s I ran into at CVS recently. This bright pink is a neon and dries slightly matte.

It also has a pinkish purpleish micro shimmer that runs through it to make it even more flashy.

purple shimmer

It adds a purple/violet sheen to it at the right angle. I love that. Maybe it has been the heat here in Chicago that has made me want to wear this hot, bright color continually, I’m not sure. This color also looks great with a tan. And even makes you look tanner. I used three coats to get the full effect of this color and full opacity. This color looks even better on toes, as a lot of you are thinking. Can’t get enough of it!

I also wanted to mention that somehow surprisingly my Panda-monium manicure lasted three FULL days without chipping or seriously any tipwear. Which is honestly amazing to me. That never happens. I have switched to Nailtiques forumla 2 as my basecoat recently. One of my best friends uses this one so I decided to give it a go and see what happens. So the combination of formula 2, OPI, and Barielle topcoat seems to be a winner for me.

Til I paint again,


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Sephora by OPI: Leaf Him At The Altar

Leaf Him At The Altar

This is Leaf Him At The Altar from Sephora by OPI’s Spring 2010 collection. This polish struck me right away and was the first one I got from the collection. I also picked up Iris I Was Thinner. I will not tell a lie, I love this polish. This was the second time I wore it, which with all the polish Liz and I have can be rare. Granted, I did have an occasion for this color, but it was a welcome mani. I love how foil-y it looks and all the gold glitter involved. I definitely don’t have any other green like this, most of them are cremes or bold polishes. To me, even though this is very sparkly, it’s still kind of a muted green, I can see it working all year and not just in spring.

This mani was 2 coats and I decided that I’m definitely doing 3 next time, it will make the color so much better. I’ve been a fan of $OPI polishes, they apply well and wear well, nothing groundbreaking, but standard, I feel. I had no problems with this one aside from recommending 3 coats. It’s a great color and I recommend picking it up if you ever get the chance. Unfortunately, my mani is kind of ruined today because I didn’t take my time doing it and have been putting together furniture, which has made my fingers so sore and gross! 😦

Hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday, my nails will be resting,


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OPI: Panda-Monium Pink NOTD

Panda-Monium Pink in shade!

Hey guys. I hope everyone’s work week is going by quickly. Or well, we all know they never go by quickly, but I hope it has been tolerable.

I was surprised that I picked this color to wear today since I had just had on a sort of pastel-ish creme polish for the last couple of days. But I haven’t worn this polish yet, so I decided to give it a test run.

This color is from the Hong Kong collection that was released this year. I saw a swatch of it on the internet and was intrigued by its alleged chameleon effect. Which, I can confirm, it does have. In the bottle, this creme polish looks more pink than anything else, though you can see some purple in it. I am wearing a bright purple shirt currently, and when I put my hands against the shirt, the polish looks more lavender than pink. And when I stepped outside for these swatches, it looked way more pink than purple.

This color seems a little tame and safe, maybe boring for my liking. But it looks nice against my tan and I was feeling a little “muted” today so it’s working alright for me. But I’m sure OPI has a million colors similar to this one. It also seems slightly french manicure-ish to me as well. The application was pretty good. Slightly thick and heavy, which for me with OPI cremes is a standard, but it came out pretty evenly with two coats.

Happy almost Friday,


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Zoya: Malia NOTD

Lauren and I hit up our favorite nail salon to buy polish from in New Orleans when I was there. Belinda’s. Belinda is the best. When we were there, they had one bottle of Demure Vixen and I told Lauren to have it because she nor I have been able to get it. However, then Belinda offered to go magically find me one by noon the next day and she did! It was wonderful. Anyway, when I was at Belinda’s I picked up Zoya Malia.

In shade

This Zoya is from the 2009 Spring Twist collection. This polish is just a nice medium purple creme. I would say it is also slightly dusty. It’s not too bright. It’s a really nice, pretty color. The application on this color was also fantastic. It was almost completely opaque with one coat. I used two and it looks smooth and clean. It also came off very easily during clean up.

The other day I saw Megan, from, post a mani that I thought was pretty cute. She said it was in the August issue of Cosmo. Cosmo is one of the few magazines I don’t read so I didn’t see this nail mani article. It’s called the Blackberry Manicure. You paint your thumb a different, perhaps flashier color, because you type with your thumbs. I have a blackberry and BBM with Laur all day among texting, emailing, etc so it called to me. For mine, I used Zoya Malia on all fingers but my thumb where I used OPI DS Amethyst on my thumbs:

I stare at my nail polish during most of the day anyway, so it’s been fun to have this light purple holo on my thumbs for texting!

Can any of you not stand all your tips not being the same color? Or do you like to sometimes do one a different color? It’s been enjoyable for me.

Happy texting,



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Rimmel: Violet Metal

Rimmel Violet Metal (shimmer!)

This was my NOTD earlier last week before Liz came to visit. I recently picked up a couple of Rimmel polishes because I had heard good things about them and they are very affordable at CVS (less than $5, I believe). Not surprisingly, this immediately caught my eye. The bottle is very appealing: deep purple with bright blue shimmer.

When I first applied this, it was somewhat disappointing in the first coat. It went on kind of streaky and was a light purple-pink compared to the dark purple bottle. I ended up doing 3 coats because I really wanted the bottle color for this. It ended up being just fine, but I did have a bad taste in my mouth from the color until I got the 3 coats on.

It wore really well and the color grew on me after a few hours. I’m still not sure if it’s a “me” color, but I’ll try it again later in the year, I bet it will make a nice fall color. I will also continue to buy Rimmel polishes because I have been pleased with the colors and wear so far.

Can’t wait to paint,


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Like most of us girls out there, I like products. I keep most of my nail products on my nightstand and apply them at night or even multiple times a night, depending on how much TV on my computer I am watching. And all of us nail fanatics have our own nail program that we do every night or as often as possible. I just wanted to share with everyone what I have been using recently on my hands and nails because it’s always nice to hear about new products and new things to try in the future that work well. But these products I am writing about, I have been using for months and really enjoy.

Barielle Intensive Nail Renewal Oil

Intensive Nail Renewal OilThis nail/cuticle oil I picked up at TJ Maxx. TJ Maxx randomly gets shipments of Barielle products every once in awhile and they are priced dramatically lower than they are at, say, Ulta. I bought this I believe for $4 and almost all Barielle products I have seen at Ulta are $15. So, if you are lucky enough to run into Barielle at TJ Maxx I would completely suggest picking up all they have. Anyway, I use this oil maybe once or twice a week. I normally put it on before I go to sleep and just let it sink in. It is sort of messy and gets all over, but I do believe it works well. It has sort of an herby scent and moisturizes my cuticles, nailbeds, and skin pretty well.

Lush Ocean SaltLush Ocean Salt

This salt scrub is not limited to my hands and feet. This stuff is amazing. I use it on every part of my body. It is hands down the best exfoliator I have ever used, and I have used salt and sugar ones before. It leaves my skin so smooth and fresh. I love Lush because it’s all natural so there’s not anything weird going on me. I try to use mostly organic and natural beauty products, but not everything I use is. This salt exfoliator is made of lime, coconut, sea salt, grapefruit, and believe it or not vodka. Every women needs this.

Lush Lemony Flutter

Lemony Flutter

This Lush product is also not only limited to my cuticles. I used it on my feet and all over my hands. This butter absorbs pretty quickly into my cuticles, but does take a little longer on my hands and feet. It works like a charm. I usually put this on when I’m in bed watching tv and not running around doing stuff. It smells lemony. I have heard some people say it smells a little strongly, but it smells fresh and nice so that does not bother me. My cuticles especially feel very soft and manageable after using this.

Also on my hand and feet (and whole body) I use the Lush Buffy bar. It has like literally 100 uses and is amazing. I didn’t want to take a picture of mine because it’s pretty small and I will need a new one soon. But it’s full of all natural moisturizers and leaves your skin literally silky and hydrated. It has shea butter, coco butter, ground almond, natural oils, etc. The ocean salt, lemony flutter, and the Buffy bar are all part of the “Lush Hand Treatment” that you can go into any Lush store and ask for and you will be converted. That is exactly what happened to me. I use all of these products daily, with the exception of the oil, and recommend them to everyone.

I love all of these products and haven’t really found a need to go looking for much else. I am in need of a new / better hand lotion or butter. I’m sure I will end up at Lush for one though!



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