Sally Hansen Complete Manicure: Sea and Be Seen

In Shade

This complete manicure polish was from earlier in the summer with all of the sea and ocean themed polishes. I got this polish when it first came out, and just haven’t gotten around to using it. It would always be in consideration when I was picking out polishes to wear, but it never won me over. I don’t know why, it’s a shimmery metallic blue / purple / silver polish. Looks and sounds great. I have had this polish on for two full days, and I have very minimal tipwear on my right hand but no major chipping. This polish applied very sheer. I did three very thick coats. It looks like a foil to me on. It is also very much more blue and silver then purple. It’s so sparkly and metallic.

It’s a very interesting color, I do not own any other like it in my collection. I have heard this polish also layers well over another because of its sheerness. I may try this out in the near future because I have been enjoying this polish so much. And who doesn’t love the brushes in the Sally Hansen complete mani polishes? They are so nice.

Tired and stressed,



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  1. Oh that’s lovely. Another polish i will be off in search of.. reading your blog is getting expensive. ;)btw I linked you guys on my blog.

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