Essie: Fruit Sangria

Hey everyone. I haven’t really felt like blogging the past week for whatever reason. Sort of because my polish and manis have either not been lasting, or haven’t been looking “up to par.” And also I have been slightly aloof mentally and not feeling great about some personal things. So, I have been trying to cheer myself up with brighter, summery, fun polish colors such as this. I have to get my final summer color wear in, unfortunately.

Fruit Sangria is a very bright, saturated pink. It has a good amount of red in it as well. Indoors it could be mistaken for red. The application and formula on this polish was great. It was very smooth and almost fully opaque in one coat. The thing that bothers me about this color however, is that in the bottle and in this photo you can see there’s gold microshimmer in the polish. But it doesn’t show up in the polish, literally at all. It wears as a creme. Which is sort of bummer because you can see it in there. I’d like this polish as a shimmer or creme, either way, but I feel like it’s tricking me. And I do not like my polishes play me!

This is going to be a long week,



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