Sephora by OPI: Leaf Him At The Altar

Leaf Him At The Altar

This is Leaf Him At The Altar from Sephora by OPI’s Spring 2010 collection. This polish struck me right away and was the first one I got from the collection. I also picked up Iris I Was Thinner. I will not tell a lie, I love this polish. This was the second time I wore it, which with all the polish Liz and I have can be rare. Granted, I did have an occasion for this color, but it was a welcome mani. I love how foil-y it looks and all the gold glitter involved. I definitely don’t have any other green like this, most of them are cremes or bold polishes. To me, even though this is very sparkly, it’s still kind of a muted green, I can see it working all year and not just in spring.

This mani was 2 coats and I decided that I’m definitely doing 3 next time, it will make the color so much better. I’ve been a fan of $OPI polishes, they apply well and wear well, nothing groundbreaking, but standard, I feel. I had no problems with this one aside from recommending 3 coats. It’s a great color and I recommend picking it up if you ever get the chance. Unfortunately, my mani is kind of ruined today because I didn’t take my time doing it and have been putting together furniture, which has made my fingers so sore and gross! 😦

Hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday, my nails will be resting,



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