OPI: Panda-Monium Pink NOTD

Panda-Monium Pink in shade!

Hey guys. I hope everyone’s work week is going by quickly. Or well, we all know they never go by quickly, but I hope it has been tolerable.

I was surprised that I picked this color to wear today since I had just had on a sort of pastel-ish creme polish for the last couple of days. But I haven’t worn this polish yet, so I decided to give it a test run.

This color is from the Hong Kong collection that was released this year. I saw a swatch of it on the internet and was intrigued by its alleged chameleon effect. Which, I can confirm, it does have. In the bottle, this creme polish looks more pink than anything else, though you can see some purple in it. I am wearing a bright purple shirt currently, and when I put my hands against the shirt, the polish looks more lavender than pink. And when I stepped outside for these swatches, it looked way more pink than purple.

This color seems a little tame and safe, maybe boring for my liking. But it looks nice against my tan and I was feeling a little “muted” today so it’s working alright for me. But I’m sure OPI has a million colors similar to this one. It also seems slightly french manicure-ish to me as well. The application was pretty good. Slightly thick and heavy, which for me with OPI cremes is a standard, but it came out pretty evenly with two coats.

Happy almost Friday,



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