Zoya: Malia NOTD

Lauren and I hit up our favorite nail salon to buy polish from in New Orleans when I was there. Belinda’s. Belinda is the best. When we were there, they had one bottle of Demure Vixen and I told Lauren to have it because she nor I have been able to get it. However, then Belinda offered to go magically find me one by noon the next day and she did! It was wonderful. Anyway, when I was at Belinda’s I picked up Zoya Malia.

In shade

This Zoya is from the 2009 Spring Twist collection. This polish is just a nice medium purple creme. I would say it is also slightly dusty. It’s not too bright. It’s a really nice, pretty color. The application on this color was also fantastic. It was almost completely opaque with one coat. I used two and it looks smooth and clean. It also came off very easily during clean up.

The other day I saw Megan, from littlemusicboxes.blogspot.com, post a mani that I thought was pretty cute. She said it was in the August issue of Cosmo. Cosmo is one of the few magazines I don’t read so I didn’t see this nail mani article. It’s called the Blackberry Manicure. You paint your thumb a different, perhaps flashier color, because you type with your thumbs. I have a blackberry and BBM with Laur all day among texting, emailing, etc so it called to me. For mine, I used Zoya Malia on all fingers but my thumb where I used OPI DS Amethyst on my thumbs:

I stare at my nail polish during most of the day anyway, so it’s been fun to have this light purple holo on my thumbs for texting!

Can any of you not stand all your tips not being the same color? Or do you like to sometimes do one a different color? It’s been enjoyable for me.

Happy texting,




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2 responses to “Zoya: Malia NOTD

  1. love your choice of thumb polish! blackberry mani is too cute.

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