OPI Swiss Collection Swatches

Hey guys! Before I left to come to see Laur in New Orleans, I made a severe effort to find an Ulta around me that had the new OPI’s and I accomplished that goal. (Not so) Surprisingly, Lauren and I immediately wanted the same colors as must haves right away. So here our swatches of the colors we were going to die if we didn’t get asap!

Ski Teal We Drop

Partly Sunny

This creme color is out of control. I literally died at my computer when I saw the swatches of this a few weeks ago. This color is beyond gorgeous. It is so saturated, depth, and interesting. Ski Teal We Drop has an exotic personality to it. It reminds me of India or the most awesome gem stone ever. Not necessarily a “swiss” attitude to me. I used two coats for this and it covered wonderfully. I just want to take a bath in this color forever.

Cuckoo For This Color


This micro glitter tealy shimmer is so good. The micro glitter is both blue and silver and allows for this color to just shine so nicely. The base color is a teal that, to me, is mostly blue. The final finish and the shimmer reminds me of $OPI Leaf Him At The Altar. Not that these colors are the same at all, but for some reason reminds me of it. I used three thicker coats for this swatch. The formula went on great. This color is also to die for.

William Tell Me About OPI

William Tell Me About OPI

This initially was not on my “immediate must-haves” list, but I now know the error of my ways. I ultimately ended up requesting that Liz get this for me instead of Diva of Geneva (for now) and I couldn’t be more pleased with my decision. William is reminiscent of Lincoln Park After Dark, but it’s closer to black and richer, I think. I think it looks purple, but Liz says red. I actually used 3 coats for this swatch because I was feeling decadent. Had I not just had a purple polish on my tips, I would have chosen to wear this for days. This color went on well, although it was messy to remove.

Yodel Me On My Cell

Yodel Me in sunlight!

If I remember correctly, this was the first color I saw that I had to have from this collection. I love the name because it’s hilarious and it’s blue shimmer. This went on nicely, kind of sheer in the first coat, but evened out in the second. This is only 2 coats. It turned out to be a lot greener of a blue than I expected, not as green as Cuckoo, but still hinting towards teal. If you’re a blue polish kind of girl, then you definitely need to pick this up. The glitter in it kind of reminds me of the glitter that’s in Orly Royal Navy and kind of made me want to wear that color again. Let’s just say Yodel is a blue that highlights your love of blue and leads to more blues.

Another thing we noticed right away was that the brushes in this collection are different. We thought we were insane at first because no one else had talked about it and we endlessly compared with other OPI brushes. We ultimately decided that these were fatter. In terms of using them, they weren’t all that different. At one point I had too much polish on the brush which resulted in a cuticle mishap, but overall they just look different, no real problems. We both agreed that the stand-out colors of the collection are Ski Teal We Drop and Yodel Me On My Cell.

We aren’t sure what other of the Swiss’s we will be picking up soon to post about, since these were our must haves. But we wanted to get these up for everyone as soon as possible because we were very excited about them!

Painting the town!,

Liz & Lauren


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