Orly: Truly Tangerine NOTD


I purposely went to CVS the other night for contact solution so I would dabble in the nail polish section. When I was there, I happened to run into a boat load of Orly containers on a shelf that had all of these neon minis in them. I had never seen them before, and was totally confused and very pleased. I picked up four of them.

The internet sort of seemed to tell me that these are neons from 2009? I am not completely sure, obviously. However I have been looking for the right orange creme for awhile. I was going to pick up the one that came out this summer from the OPI Butterfly Collection but it didn’t get convincing reviews. This polish went on in two easy coats. It did dry semi matte-ish but it’s not a very bright or out of control “neon” polish.  It’s just a nice, crisp, bright orange. I am very pleased! I will be posting the others I got from these minis soon. The colors are so awesome.

Also can we mention how much better the Orly rubber handle looks in black?!

P.S. I am flying to New Orleans tonight, so look for a joint Liz and Lauren post in the future this weekend! Eek!

Jet setting,



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