Sephora for OPI: Teal We Meet Again

In Shade

I hope everyone had a good weekend, of course it’s too bad that it’s over. I picked to wear this color as my weekend mani for a personal even that happened over the weekend. Which, I guess a lot of us polish lovers do. Matching polish to television premiers, holidays, etc. One of my friends is leaving, so “Teal We Meet Again” seemed like the perfect choice.

I picked up this $OPI back in June. And I would like to mention that it is one of my favorite polishes that I own. Out of all the blues, teals, greens, etc this one is probably my number one. It is so rich and has so much depth to it. It seems sort of dark for a typical teal, but it’s so pretty. It’s like a midnight ocean or like a mermaid. The shimmer is so fine. The polish seems more blue than it is green. But it is such an interesting color and even though it is dark, to me it is a polish you can wear in all seasons because of the relation to water.  The application on this polish was fine. I did use three coats because I love it so much and wanted it to be as perfect as possible!

True Blood time in 45 minutes,




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2 responses to “Sephora for OPI: Teal We Meet Again

  1. I love me some blues so this one I might have to check out!

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