OPI: Lourve Me Lourve Me Not

Indoor Sun

Lourve Me Lourve Me Not is from the OPI French collection that came out in 2008. I recently picked up this polish when Lauren and I were out searching for dusties in New Orleans. This color is a slightly dusty or muddy purple. Very slight though. It’s still very saturated and colorful, it just isn’t too bright. Which was a theme in this collection overall. But it’s a very pretty purple, it reminds me of being sophisticated without boring. This photo best caught the true color of this polish. It doesn’t scream at you, but is still eye catching.

I tried to capture the shimmer of this polish but it’s slightly hard to see. The shimmer that is in this polish is purple and what seems like gold as well? This, to me, is what allows the polish to be not too brown and blah. I took these photos inside one of my girlfriend’s high rise apartment on the 40th floor, and the sunlight was so great! I wish I could always swatch polishes and take photos inside.

Indoor Sun, Shimmering

Feeling french and wanting a baguette,



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