Zoya: Zsa Zsa

Hi everyone! I’m back! It was much too long away from nail polish and blogging. My nails have literally looked a wreck the past two weeks and are still recovering, hence why they’re rather short in these pictures. They’ve been peeling badly and I swear at least one has broken almost every day. I’ve been using oils and moisturizing a lot and trying not to strain them. Hope for the best!

For my triumphant nail return, I had been planning the perfect manicure to coincide with the season premiere of Mad Men tonight. I struggled with it all week and finally decided on Zoya Zsa Zsa. I got this polish during the exchange that ended in June and it sounded like a real red lover’s red, so I had to have it. I also love Zsa Zsa Gabor and will buy anything named after something I like. This polish is a double threat for me.

My first impression from the bottle was that it could pass for a rose pink or a red, but once I got two coats on, it’s definitely more red. Sometimes when the sun hits it, it could definitely pass for pink. Either way, it’s a great color and is my Joan Harris/Holloway color for the Mad Men premiere.

As always, the formula was lovely, no bubbles and no streaks. I’m so happy to have nail polish back on my little tips that I’m sure I would have welcomed any color, but I’m really enjoying wearing this one already! It’s a really classic red, but I don’t feel like it’s a typical one that I’ve seen a thousand times either.

Happy nails,



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